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 Limited Government 

Government doesn't belong in your bedroom - love whomever you want

Government doesn't belong in your bathroom - use whichever bathroom you prefer

Government doesn't decide what you do to your body - you do

Off shore drilling is up to the states

 Strong and Fair Economy 

Equal pay for equal work

Livable minimum wage

Fair and progressive tax code

Deductions for your home, your kids and your state taxes

 Family Values 

Marriage is between 2 adults, not 2 genders

Give the Dreamers citizenship - keeping families together should be an imperative

 Fiscal Sanity 

Giving a giant tax cut to the richest corporations is wrong

Adding 1.5 trillion dollars to the debt for a corporate handout is wrong

 Global Leadership 

America should be leading the way, not running away

America should be embracing our allies, not embarrassing them

America should be part of the solution, not avoiding the conversation

America should side with their allies, not their adversaries

 Voting Rights 

If you're 18, you get a vote. Period


This country was built as a haven for those seeking freedom - that cannot change

We are for keeping families together

Reality Check!

  The Democrats are the party of    

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